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Our Company

2 Manufacturing Facilities in East and West Java

The well maintained facilities can operate for 3 shifts, 24hours a day for 5 days a week.

Beside selling products with its own brands, SMG also manufactures products for other brands outside the group (OEM).

5 Established Product Brands

With over that 20 years of track record, SMG's portfolio compromises of extruded stick snacks and wafers which are marketed under several brand names such as Momogi, Migi-Migi, Twiststick, Criscito and Yale-Yale.

High Quality Products

SMG has one of the most recognized brands in Indonesia having been awarded the "Top Brand" in its segment for 10 consecutive years.
Momogi, as one of its top selling product has a strong brand awareness in the market.

Solid & Extensive Distribution Network

SMG operations are categorized into 2 main businesses comprising of food manufacturing and distribution in Indonesia archipelago.

SMG has build a solid and extensive distribution network to distribute its products to major cities across Indonesia through 150 sub distributors and 30,000 outlets in 34 provinces to penetrate traditional and modern outlets.

Company Overview

Sari Murni Group (SMG) is a long-standing snacks manufacturer.

Active SKU
Of Experience

Corporate Value



Synergize and build intensive teamwork in solving problems and achieving common goals


Optimistic in facing challenges, seeing every situation as an opportunity to learn and develop, and make failures and difficulties as triggers to achieve better results.


Responsible in completing work, focused and agile in achieving goals and reliable


Consistent in actions and speech in accordance with adopted norms and values, adhering to principles and being trustworthy.


Open-minded outside of paradigms and status quo, creative, and going out of the way to focus on improvement and development

customer driVEn

Build customer trust and make customers the main focus in product and brand development


To be the best and most trusted producer and distributor of consumer products in Indonesia and the international market


• Providing quality consumer products at competitive prices, and easy to find anywhere.
• Continue to innovate in business, processes, and products to become the people's first choice
• Making a significant contribution to shareholders and all employees for the common welfare

Brief History

Establishment of PT Sari Murni Abadi

which is manufacturing facilities in Bogor

Establishment of PT Sari Murni Jaya

which is manufacturing facilities in Surabaya

Momogi FIRST Launching

• Launching of the first Momogi, Roast Corn flavor
• PT Sukses Makmur Abadi and PT Sukses Makmur Jaya established

First TV Commercial

First television commercial for Momogi

First launched of the wafer product

Migi-Migi Vanilla Chocolate flavor

New Product Launching

• First launched of Twistpop in 2009
• First launched of Twiststick in 2010

SMG Brands